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GPS Tether Server+

1.99 usd

Paid Edition :- Unlimited usage for GPS Tether Server app, no limitation on time- Built-in Premium email support- No advertisements- Additional features such as settings to save battery power (GPS update frequency)- Able to adjust runtime period
*Note : Advertisements will be shown if purchase validation with Google Play Store is unsuccessful.* Please uninstall the free trial edition after purchasing.
To share and tether GPS using WiFi between 2 devices. Best example would be your phone and tablet. With this app, your phone with GPS functionality feature (server), will send GPS data to your tablet (client) using WiFi. With this, you are no longer constraint to your phone, but can utilize your big tablet for apps which requires location (e.g. Maps, fourSquare). There are many advance features built-in, such as encryption, automatic server search, and much more. This app must work in a pair; server and client. Please ensure you download the correct app.
A common example will be using your Android phones and share tether GPS with a tablet (can easily buy it nowadays for <$100). With this, you can easily perform and use Google Maps location and other location applications on your tablet, even though the tablet does not have GPS functionality feature! This is a great way to escape the phones small screen, and enjoy the tablets big screen. On top of this, one can be creative as it can also be used to share tether GPS to a device located indoor, using WiFi network (server will be outdoor, client will be indoor). It has limitless possibilities...
If client app does not show up in the market, download it from

How it works :
It is very plain and straight-forward. This application solution will tether the GPS data (using WiFi) from a device with GPS feature, to another device. Both devices must be on the same WiFi network (Android device can be a WiFi hotspot). No internet connection is required for it to work (free trial uses it for advertisements). For efficiency purposes, this solution comprises of 2 small applications :
- Server (usually installed on phone, device which sends GPS data)- Client (usually installed on tablet, device which receives GPS data)

Features :
- Smartly establish and send GPS info over WiFi- Encrypt the GPS data before sending For security. This will avoid eaves-dropping and ensure only your devices will be able to receive the GPS data.- Save and conserve battery by setting applications run time to your preference, so it does not need to run longer than needed.- App can run in background without interference, and notifiy if there are errors.- Supports 3rd party WiFi Tether app for rooted devices.- Remembers previous server settings and automatically connect when started- Ability to disconnect clients on the server application.- User can specify server port to use- Scan server automatically- Manually add server for faster access- Touch text to copy GPS coordinates- Adjust text size- Built-in support
How to use it in brief :
- After installing the app, you will need to ensure your device settings are correct.- For client, ensure the mock locations is enabled. It is under Settings (see screen shot)- For server, ensure the GPS is enabled. It is under Settings (see screen shot)- Ensure both server and client are on the same WiFi network. You can use your Android device to become a WiFi hotspot.- Start the server and client.- On the client, select ScanServer. To be faster, manually add-in the server IP.- Both server and client should be in "On" status- Wait for servers GPS to "Lock-On", and the client will automatically get the GPS data.

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